Target: To convince customers (with integrity) with well-structured arguments and a tangible, irrefutable argument technique. Apprenderete a Use negotiation tools that will enable you to convince your customer. Lingue Inglese Francese Spagnolo Portoghese.
Target: To reinforce your power of influence using verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. Apprenderete a Combine your talent as a speaker with respect for the code of ethics to develop a long-term relationship. Maintain your power of persuasion by creating continual interaction with your customer. Lingue Inglese Francese Spagnolo Portoghese.
Target: To use your emotions to build a strong relationship with the customer throughout the sales process. Apprenderete a Create trust and encourage the customer to use ‘personal conviction’ to choose the right partner. Limit your expression of negative emotions that can affect the customer. Absorb your customer’s negative emotions. Express positive emotions to reassure…
Target: To understand and implement the conditions for successful performance review interviews: preparing, respecting the structure of the interview, creating the right conditions to encourage listening and communication. Apprenderete a Prepare the annual performance review in a structured manner. Adopt an attitude that encourages constructive dialogue. Implement the main steps of the annual performance review.…

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