Web communication
Target: To design and implement an effective newsletter. Apprenderete a Define the regularity and headings of your newsletter according to your objectives. Understand the legal regulations that apply to your distribution list. Identify and use the criteria to encourage recipients to open your newsletter and to facilitate quick reading. Lingue Inglese Francese Spagnolo.
Target: To write in a way that considers the specific features of the internet. Apprenderete a Adapt your texts for the internet by shortening them by half. Offering effective reading levels. Organising information on a website. Lingue Inglese Francese Spagnolo.
Target: To use blogs and wikis to effectively share information and knowledge. Apprenderete a Understand the challenges a company faces with regard to sharing information and knowledge. Understand how blogs and wikis work. Know the cultural and organisational conditions required for them to be effective. Know how to approach their implementation and answer security questions.…
Target: To master the key principles of the internet in order to manage a website creation project. Apprenderete a Make the best choices, with respect to content as well as presentation, during the design phase of your site. Create an effective web charter. Identify the technical solutions that meet both your needs and your limitations.…

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