Language Management Skills

Sulla linea dell’area Management Skill, l’area Language Management Skill presenta 70 corsi multilingua la cui lingua principale è l’inglese o il francese.Le categorie su cui si dividono questi percorsi formativi sono il management, l’eccellenza interpersonale, gestire i rischi e i costi, gestire le relazioni sociali, gestire la diversità, la web communication, management commerciale.

Target: Connaitre tous les leviers d’actions pour ajuster ses stocks au juste nécessaire Programme • Identifier les différents types de stocks • Comprendre les impacts comptables et financiers du stock • Analyser et classer ses familles de produits • Définir le bon niveau de stock en fonction du taux de service demandé Langue: Française
Target: Preparing for an enriching, fulfilling retirement. Apprenderete a Adopt a lifestyle that will keep you healthy.  Apply relevant techniques to maintain your physical and mental agility.  Identify all the factors for physical and emotional balance in your relationships with others. Lingue Francese, Inglese.
Target: How to maintain your physical and mental capabilities. Apprenderete a Manage your sleep and your time for restoration effectively. Create menus that will give you lots of energy. Be at your best with regular exercise. Lingue Inglese, Francese.
Target: To design and implement an effective newsletter. Apprenderete a Define the regularity and headings of your newsletter according to your objectives. Understand the legal regulations that apply to your distribution list. Identify and use the criteria to encourage recipients to open your newsletter and to facilitate quick reading. Lingue Inglese Francese Spagnolo.
Target: To know how to formulate individual objectives for your staff members that are aligned with corporate strategy and to use tools to evaluate whether these objectives have been met. Apprenderete a Explain what aligning objectives involves. Set objectives: the fundamental rules. Set qualitative objectives. Use tools to evaluate whether objectives have been met. Handle…
Target: To write in a way that considers the specific features of the internet. Apprenderete a Adapt your texts for the internet by shortening them by half. Offering effective reading levels. Organising information on a website. Lingue Inglese Francese Spagnolo.
Target: To use tools to identify and evaluate skills. To make optimal use of these tools by creating individual and collective development plans. Apprenderete a Identify the role that skills play in achieving successful performance. Evaluate skills. Create individual and collective development plans. Lingue Inglese, Francese, Spagnolo, Portoghese, Ungherese.
Target: To use blogs and wikis to effectively share information and knowledge. Apprenderete a Understand the challenges a company faces with regard to sharing information and knowledge. Understand how blogs and wikis work. Know the cultural and organisational conditions required for them to be effective. Know how to approach their implementation and answer security questions.…
Target: To identify and manage the main managerial risks associated with the appraisal meeting: stress, harassment and discrimination. Apprenderete a Analyse and prevent stress in the workplace. Measure your level of social responsibility and practise ethical management in the appraisal meeting. Lingue Inglese, Francese, Spagnolo, Portoghese, Ungherese.
Target: To master the key principles of the internet in order to manage a website creation project. Apprenderete a Make the best choices, with respect to content as well as presentation, during the design phase of your site. Create an effective web charter. Identify the technical solutions that meet both your needs and your limitations.…

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