Formazione formatori
Target: Make your presentation more effective by using a well-structured slide show in line with the message you want to put across. Program • Use slide shows effectively and avoid the main pitfalls • Identify messages you need to put across • Reinforce the impact of your message by selecting appropriate graphics • Make better…
Target: Formulate your goals based on the adult’s particular mode of learning. Program • The environmental factors conducive to learning • The basic principles of understanding and retention • Various learning strategies Lingue Inglese, Francese, Portoghese, Tedesco, Spagnolo, Ungherese.
Target: To test what has been acquired. Program – Developing evaluation objectives, methods, criteria and indicators. – Assessing what has been learned using the appropriate tools. – Key success factors to assessment. – Appraising and analysing learner feedback. Lingue Inglese, Francese, Portoghese, Tedesco, Spagnolo, Ungherese.
Target: To understand the key steps in designing a training programme. Program – Analysing the request. – Formalising the training programme. – Creating and testing the training programme. – Planning the project. – Monitoring and steering the project. Lingue Inglese, Francese, Spagnolo.
Target: To acquire strategies for handling tricky situations. Program – Analysing tricky situations and implementing action plans. – Dealing appropriately with participants’ behaviour. – Tips and recommendations from trainers. – The Pygmalion effect and its implications for training Lingue: Inglese, Francese, Portoghese, Tedesco, Spagnolo, Ungherese.
Target: To acquire the tools and references for adapting to all training situations. Program • Adapt your training style to allow your trainees to get the most out of the training • Create an environment that facilitates learning by managing the group dynamic • Use training techniques suitable for large groups. • Manage your emotions…

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